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A magical person, masked under the alias of a human name, this mythological beauty resides among humans, disguising it's magical name in the last name of it's alias, Example: "_______ Jhinku" A Jhinku has potent magical abilities, the ability to complete mathematical problems at average capacity, jhinku-kineses, the ability to communicate with other hidden Jhinku's among the humans, by using high pitched sonar signals to send messages. These messages have been being intercepted by the government, they believe it to be the first messages from aliens... If only they knew the truth. Jhinku's often portray themselves with glasses, short black hair, and quite often, brown skin. Of course, that's just "usually." Keep your eyes peeled, there may be a Jhinku among you! Jhinku's appear very reclusive, and shut-in, but once you befriend and get to know a Jhinku, he will open up to you, becoming so cray-cray you won't be able to hand it, yo. Most Jhinku's mate with the males

of their race. Cause they are a "Homosexual" magical creature, leaving the female Jhinku's to die a lonely life with many cats.
Person 1: "That guy has black hair, glasses, it must bea Jhinku!"
Person 2: "Those don't exist, moron!"
by Professor Leeroy November 26, 2013
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