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The most dope guy a person will ever meet.
Into Music
Loves Weed
Is So Fucking Fun
Enjoys Raves
Awesome At Tagging
Shitload of Friends
Is a Drifter
Hot Body
Nice Abs
Awesome Smirk
Chilled Out

Basically, one of the most amazing guys planet earth has to offer.
"Where's Jhaz, man?" "I dunno, probably high" "Sounds about right".
by The Czech Chick April 24, 2011
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Pronounced "jazz". A rose grown from concrete. This is a woman of endurance, soul, and honor. She has the heart of a gangster and an angel at the same time. Loves hard. Lives hard, and strives for what she desires. Jhaz chics demand respect and if they don't get it, they take it. They aren't the type to betray or accept betrayal. They are desired by as many as they are envied by. Admired by the best of the best. Inspired by the best of the best. Most who oppose or decieve Jhaz end up regretting it and missing her humor and realness.
Jhaz is the realest girl in the game.
by da truth iz da truth February 08, 2011
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