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Jhanecia is beautiful,smart,outspoken, and crazy about people that has her back..She gone tell you if she don't like you and why. She's a good friend... When she wants something she goes for it, an trust me she's gonna get it. When jhanecia's in love you can see it in her face an her actions.When she's all about you she's all about you... Don't ever cheat on a jhanecia's because you will never have anything better than her.. Jhanecia's are mostly Virgos.. They are cheerleaders and all about here goals. Jhanecia's can sing but don't show it. She's also bipolar and if you make her really angry youll regret it. Jhanecia just want to feel special an loves attention. She also have a really bad attitude and she crys when she's mad.. They also have a fine shape.. Jhanecia is very great in the bed..Believe it or not but she is..
Damn Jhanecia is so fine mann.
Bruh I made her man and she was crazy
She is so beautiful

Mann bruh I'm telling you get chu a jhanecia
by Black queens June 09, 2018
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