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Commonly referring to the male students of Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas {PrPP}, the term has obtained a connotation of arrogance and/or cockiness. However, this connotation is only beset upon the term by its jealous counterparts at historically inferior institutions that will remain unnamed but whose self-awareness of this predisposed status is certain. In reality, a proper Jez Boi represents all that is right with the high school experience and essentially the world when aspects such as intelligence, spirituality, identity, physicality, commitment, and openness to growth are considered. Although this profile cannot accurately describe each student, it is the simplest definition for the majority of the student body.
girl 1: "Did you see that Jez Boi over there helping that old woman cross the street?"
girl 2: "No, but it doesn't surprise me, those Jez Bois are the best of the best."
by Shaboinked September 23, 2018
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