An Ethnic Jew who believes in Jesus (Yeshua) as the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach/Moshiach). He or she may or may not be a member of the group Jews for Jesus.
A Jew For Jesus is also called a Messianic Jew or Jewish Christian. Among the most controversial Jews For Jesus was a Jewish man who was a Southern Baptist pastor named Martin Meyer "Moishe" Rosen (1932-2010). The late Moishe Rosen founded the group known as Jews For Jesus. Like individual Jews for Jesus are, the group Jews For Jesus is often a target of every kind of intolerance and persecution imaginable--most often from Anti Semitic and Anti Messianic ("Anti Missionary", "Counter Missionary") individuals and groups; ranging from individuals and groups who are racist against all Jews, anyway (such as David Duke and Stormfront, and Malik Zulu Shabbaz and the Pseudo-Jewish Black Hebrew Israelites), to individuals such as Tracey Rich of JewFAQ and groups such as the Central Conference of American Rabbis of the Union of Reform Judaism, who have issued multiple responsa against Messianic Jews and Messianic Judaism (e.g., "CCAR RESPONSA 'On Patrilineal Descent, Apostasy, and Synagogue Honors', 5758.11").
by Nickidewbear June 14, 2013
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Jews for Jesus. You can be a true Jew and love Jesus. Jesus was a Jew!
Jay is a big Jew for Jesus. He married Jesus because the big J is Jay’s bae.

When she prays, she prays to all the names of God and Jesus and more.

They held hands in bed and that’s all. Because Jews for Jesus.
by BeStill December 05, 2019
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