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Being the source of all bad things, a traitor of sorts.
While similar to the biblical Judas, the Jewdas is far worse as this title does not only imply that one has let others down, but rather that the act itself was planned by the individual being the Jewdas.

The Jewdas may also be known by his or her subtile signals, such as the famous:


which is delivered, as shown above, in two lines to confuse the target audience. The je is short for Jump if Equal in asm and adds further dimension to the secret sign of the Jewdas.
Dude, why did you burn my books?
Damn Jewdas.
by Horst Rheinmann October 25, 2007
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during the game tank trouble, where on 3 player two players spawn next to each other, kill each other and the 3rd person sits it out. That person is known as a jewdas because he jewed it.
omg ur such a jewdas
that i am
by King Ngoyu October 08, 2008
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