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Jettara was a fan created character based on the popular 1980's cartoon series, Transformers. She was the first female Sweep and later moved on to be a main character in the fan made comic book Bloodlines that followed Transformers: Beast Wars.

In 2001 Jettara went through another transformation and left the world of Transformer fandom (although she still still popular among many TF fans and still inspires interest in that genre) to become a main character in numerous urban fantasy novels from the Raven's Realm series and more recently the new Women of Ravenwood series available through eXtasy Books.

In all incarnations, Jettara has alway meant Banshee or she how could see death.
Jettara: the first female Sweep - created 1996
Jettara: Banshee, royal guard, queen of the Slaugh - 2001
by M.J. Spickett April 17, 2007
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