The act of urinating into a willing woman's vagina from a minimum of three meters away.
Last night jenny got drunk and begged me for a jet stream.
by George kesterfall July 14, 2011
When you’re banging a short chick, you nut in her and proceed to yeet her across the room. The string of cum will create a stream behind her.
I found this banginshort girl, and I’m hoping she’ll let me jet stream her
by lavendertown814 July 2, 2020
A white jet stream is when you are about to blow your load you pinch the head of your penis not allowing the cum to exit. Then when you have stopped cumming relase your grip on your dick and blow ur load all over your partner. It ends up looking like a jet stream.
I gave my Girlfriend a white jet stream, then she smiled.
by II UH0H II September 12, 2008
Doing a girl in the vagina and then turn her aound and cum down her ass crack calling it the jet stream
I am going to Jet Stream down her ass
by someone616616616 November 18, 2006
When a girl is riding you cowgirl style and you feel a gust of wind hit your balls from her fart.
Dude this hot girl was riding me last night and i swear i felt her fart on my nuts!
"Oh she gave you the good ol Kentucky Jet Stream"
by jewballs69 March 4, 2015