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Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The City Hall of Jacksonville Florida is at a location on Church Street from which if you go East you will encounter a row of 5 churches within 6 blocks, each church of a different Christian denomination. Right across the street from the City of Jacksonville's City Hall is First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, which has over 28,000 registered members, making it the third largest church in the second largest Christian denomination, but that's not even the largest church in Jesusville. In 2004, Jesusville had an estimated population of only 777,777 even though it is the largest city in America *geographically*. The actual shape of Jesusville resembles Jesus crying, with the tears forming Saint John's River. The St. John's River is one of the few rivers in the world that seems to go against gravity, flowing *away* from the equator.
It won't be long until Jacksonville legally changes it's name to Jesusville, then we'll get to see the ACLU throw a hissy-fit. :-)
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