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A game played when there is nothing else to be doing in a school media center. The rules are as follows:

1. One player enters any random word in the other player's Wikipedia search engine.
2. They must search that topic and try to get back to Jesus' page in as little clicks as possible.
3. You may not simply search, Jesus, you must use links on the pages you get to.

For instance, One player types balloons into the search bar. The next player clicks on the link, Bartolomeu de Gusmão. Then clicks Catholic Encyclopedia on that page.Then clicks on, Roman Catholic Church. He then clicks on the link that says, Jesus Christ. He had 4 clicks.

That player then types in Barack Obama into the other player's Wikipedia search bar. That player then clicks Christian, and then Jesus of Nazareth, which brings him to the Jesus Wikipedia Page. This player would win the game since he only had 2 clicks.
Brooke: "I really don't want to do this Biology brochure right now."
John: "Yo, you wanna play some Jesuspedia?"
by bbrrooookkee April 10, 2009
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