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Jesus DeNazareth is a god. He trolls the interwebs, inflicting massive amounts of butthurt and making all the ladies wet. He is known for cumming on people's photos and for having a glorious cock that drives girls crazy and compels them to send nudes. He promotes things such as rape, incest and abortion. His semen cures all diseases and gives eternal youth to its recipients.

Jesus fights for what is right. He keeps niggers, Jews, swag fags, beliebers, emos, white knights and other retards and degenerates at bay.

These are his holy commandments:

1. I am Jesus thy master

2. Thou shalt send me nudes
3. Thou shalt not be an attention whore
4. Thou shalt not be a faggot
5. Thou shalt use proper English
6. Thou shalt not allow thine ass to become hurt
7. If thou art emo, kill thyself
8. Thou shalt not like thine own status
9. Thou shalt not be a moral fag
10. Thou shalt hate niggers

Butthurt faggots report him and Facebook tries to stop him by disabling his accounts. Despite all this, Jesus always returns.

Jesus is love
Jesus is life
"Jesus has an amazing cock"

"Please cum on me Jesus"

"I will rape you" -Jesus DeNazareth
by Jesus DeNazareth May 16, 2014
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