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Someone who believes that they are the embodiment or equivalent of Jesus Christ. These people are often known to have an over active ego as well. Said person will go around acting as if they can heal the lame and make the blind see, and in doing so, believes they are really performing "miracles". People with a Jesus Complex will often ask women if they'd like to "let Christ enter their bodies" as well. These people are considered dangerously stupid and should be approached with condemnation and extreme prejudice.
Sally - Some guy at the party last night kept asking me if I'd like to let Jesus Christ into my body, then he told me that, he, was Jesus.

Christie - Really? That guy must have a total Jesus Complex. What an asshole.
by Slayer8907 October 16, 2010
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Someone with a strong attraction to men that look like Jesus.
Long hair, beard, probably don't shower to often, would probably fit under the term Hippie.
Things someone with a Jesus Complex may be found saying

1. Wow, i can't believe i just spent an hour looking at a "hot men that look like jesus tumblr"

2. Alex Ebert is my ideal man.

3. OMG Devendra Banhart is the most attractive man alive.
by Not Bijou February 04, 2013
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Someone who will bend over backwards to try and help, good natured, But often messes their own life fixing yours.
"His Jesus complex got him fired, because he pulled over to help change a tire on a delivery"

"He rented a room to help a friend and they burned his house down, guess his Jesus complex got the best of him again."
by SpeedosStretch September 14, 2019
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