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A seemingly naive or simplistic solution to one's life problems that Jesus can make the impossible possible—a crazy idea to the cynical or skeptical nonbeliever.
Be it in health, relationships, career, or finances, one can expect a breakthrough if one believes that Jesus is more than willing to turn one's life around—this is why Jesus is the answer to all of one's life's problems.
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by MathPlus January 22, 2017
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Not only to deal with your health, wealth, or love situation, but also to solve your math problems, because Christ can activate that part of your brain to help you grasp concepts that you could not understand previously.
If only students and their oft-math anxious parents knew that Jesus is the answer to their mathematical problems, math (not public speaking) would cease to be the number-one phobia among educated folks—most people would rather die than think logically or rationally.
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by MathPlus November 04, 2018
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