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A term used when an incident is so shockingly heinous, the simple exclamation, "Jesus Christ!" doesn't do it justice.

Imagery: Jesus Christ, impaled by a Hot Dog on a Stick (tm), aka a corn dog.

The most common image is one of Jesus Christ with a corn dog inserted into his rectum, though different examples of various Orifices of Christ can be found with a simple search on the World Wide Web.

(This definition is not endorsed by the company, Hot Dog on a Stick. However, the definition was originally penned by one of the company employees.)
Kid: "Dad, I'm in jail for stealing the neighbor's car, crashing it into a Walmart, then putting my dick into the tailpipe while the engine was still running."
Dad: "Jesus Christ on a Hot Dog on a Stick!!! Rot in prison, you sick little fuck. You're disowned."
by Todd Jenkem July 27, 2011
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