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is a beautiful person inside and out. she inspires people to be like her. She can bring out a smile to anyones face. if you need help just turn to jessyka she'll do whatever it takes to help you out. they are very trustworthy and are amazing singers. she can be a bit rough on the edges but shes soft on the inside once you get to know her. it does take effort to become jessykas friend but its worth it. NEVER EVER get on her bad side.
person 1: shes so beautiful who is she?
person 2: i think thats a Jessyka

person 1: wow her smile just made me feel so better
Person 2: thats jessyka for you
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Jessyka is a young italian girl who has a very powerful laugh and she wears glasses. She is pretty, but she doesn't think she is. She likes dick, Jessyka is kind of mean to people but that's just how she shows her love. And she speaks her mind and she doesn't care what people think. She doesn't let boys get her down but sometimes she just secretly hides it to not hurt herself or others and you can tell becuase she just stairs at nothing. Her butt is small but as she got older, it got bigger. Jessykas smell really good. Oh and don't take it the wrong way if she says something you didn't want to hear because that's just how she is.
Ex.) Damn! Jessyka got a small booty.
Ex.) That girl wont shut the fuck up.
by Danielle Z. January 02, 2011
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