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Nick Name: Juttle Frunj

Jessica Katz, niece of Steven Spielberg, is widely known for her encrypted drunk text messages and sick dance moves. She owns a plethora of UGG boots, and although the actual number is not known, experts guess the true amount to be somewhere in the range of 40-75 pairs. Jessica's hobbies include singing with her college A Cappella group, eating Kosher chicken, throwing stink bombs, drinking cawfee and bubble tea, and pretending to be a roly-poly bug. She only has four fingernails, but she just polishes the tips of all her fingers to keep it looking even.
"My friend totally just Jessica Spielberg Katz'd me... he must be wasted because none of his text messages make any sense!"
by tak shalon July 07, 2009
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Niece of Stephen Spielberg, daughter of Nancy Spielberg. Is famous for her wild-partying antics and drunken rages. She is also a B-list porn star.
"Oh my god! That angry, drunk girl just did a Jessica Spielberg Katz...she is so...flexible!"
by Glaby March 30, 2008
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