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She is the most zen person you will ever meet, but sometimes when she eats too much breakfast she goes hyper. She is a very cool dude 😎 and everyone wants to be her friend
Do you hear that yoga music?
Ye. It’s probably Jesmine
by Andriana The Zen Iguana March 15, 2019
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Very kind girl who would give anything for her closest friends. Quite crazy after a bit of sugar, but super cool and chill. She is also single. Guys called ilyas,jack,john,abdul,trump,eduardo, gilbert and andrew are madly in love with her. She gives her heart away for charity, and is all round amazing. Be careful of some snakey friends if youre a jesmine, they'll probably steal your man.
Person 1:Hey Jesmine,i think jack likes you. You always seem to talk

Jesmine:Yeah, it's nothing. But i'll tell you a secret-I'm secretly obssesed

Jesmines snakey friend:Uhm.. Jack's a horrible person for you Jesmine. I think he'll be better with me
by singleNready2Mingle May 23, 2019
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