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1. Jesicah's a go-getter and doesn't let mistakes get her down for long. She does her best in everything, and gives her all no matter what. She sometimes falls really hard, but eventually she dusts herself off and laughs because the world can't keep her down forever. She's had a less-than-perfect life, but she makes the best out of every situation.

2. A ton of guys fall for Jesicah because she is gorgeous, though she adamantly denies it every day. She's the perfect amount of nerdy and sweet, and loves to laugh and make others laugh––she's very good at that. Her big doe eyes make hearts melt, and her smart-aleck sass can make anyone smile.

3. Jesicah has a way of connecting with people from all different levels of popularity and walks of life. She's shy until she knows someone, and then she's always there for them when they need it. She doesn't think she's popular, but everyone else can see that she's extremely well-liked because she's always laughing and connecting with others.

4. Jesicah is extremely loyal and sticks with her best friends through smooth seas and rough ones. Not only that, she always helps them through it. Anyone can see who her best friends and her loved family are by the way she treats them so caringly. If you are lucky enough to find a Jesicah, she will be with you all your life.
1. Wow, Jesicah is dedicated! She's going to go far.

2. I wish I was as stunning as Jesicah. Everyone notices her when she walks by.

3. Jesicah never seems awkward in social situations; she's always got something fun to say.

4. She's so loyal and loving––she's definitely a Jesicah.
by pseudonymkid18 January 15, 2018
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