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The reason why most Jersyians (including me) think we are are the best state and think we are better than you.Its also the reason why some people from Jersey like to yell JERSEY!when asked were they are from from and when out of state like to get the nick-name Jersey (to my knowledge nobody from any other state gets there state name as a nick-name when out of state) Jersey pride my came from years of people from other states putting Jersey down and making fun of it.Therefore being from Jersey,we feel we must defend it.
guy1:hey man were ya from
guy2:so wuts your name?
Jerseyian:my names Steve but you can call me Jersey.
Guy1 talking to guy2:whats up with that guy?
guy2 to guy1:its cool hes just got a little bit of Jersey pride.
by JerZeyCJ October 23, 2009
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