A Young man that works in a kitchen and usually has a goatee or moustache. He usually won’t speak unless spoken to and is known for his head turn stares, animal noises and basketball skills. On his days off he goes and volunteers at the local nursing homes and plays bingo while having an especially good time.
Hey Jerram did you have a hard time on bingo night?

Hey Jerram what’s the time? Jerram: “Fishy
by bung eye January 27, 2021
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The surname of Legends!! If you are lucky enough to meet a Jerram you will never forget them they are stylish, charismatic, intelligent & good looking...they are irresistible.
My god that guy/girl is amazing ...they've gotta be a Jerram!
by ratatouille January 2, 2016
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he smells, and also plays Fifa all the time

is obsessed with every girl he ever speaks too especially one who are younger than him hair line looks like it’s shaped like an M and needs to get a life xx
ohhh Chris Jerram is a big smelly gimp
by hugepen1sb0y October 12, 2021
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