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Most kind, trustful and loving man you will ever meet. Often a traveler living a wild and carefree lifestyle. JJ's are full of surprises and therefor very popular with his friends. Positive attitude and openminded persons. Their competitiveness and immaturity might be annoying now and then, but you will forget about it all when he takes you to his bedroom.
Known for British humor, funny hairstyle and passion for film, skating and dogs. Loves some naughty talk.
The guy to make your friends jealous with.

Guaranteed extreme good sexlife.
Guy one: my friend just got totally loved up. Decided to move to Australia just for his girlfriend...
Guy two: sounds like a Jerome Joseph

Girl one: youve seen all the photos of ... in the parc?

Girl two: yeah, looked like a surprise party.

Girl one: ah, clearly, must be done by a JJ
by 123itwasntme June 06, 2015
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