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A Jerkian is a race, a race of Jerks, A Jerkian is a male who come from the Jerk tribe, who act like a A** hole, who think they are a G, player, or slick, Who has no respect, and who mind is based on playing games and making people want to smack them. A Jerkian who's is really annoying is considered a Native Jerkian. Jerkians are sometimes stubborn just to piss you off. Jerkians religion is never to be in a relationship, just have sex and to not care about, or take any girl seriously. Jerkians only take girls that will Sh** on then seriously. Jerkians com in all shapes colors and sizes, crippled to physically fit. Never take a Jerkian seriously.
My friend is a Native Jerkian. He comes from the Native jerkian tribe.

My sisters so called boyfriend is half Jerkian, and half another race.

I am racist against Jerkians.
by Desire Tiffany March 12, 2010
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