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This can only be done by males. First, don't take a shower for a while. Then after your balls have gained the scent of vagina, rub your hand all over your balls. Get the scent of vagina scented ball sweat all over your hand. Finally, put your hand up to your nose and smell the beautiful scent of vagina while you jerk off with the other hand. Also instead of using your hand, you can get a good amount of ball sweat on your fingers and then wipe it on your top lip.
Chuck Norris is making a new exercise machine. After the strenuous workout he sits in indian style. Eventually his balls get a little hot and so he gives them a little scratch. After he removes his claws from his trousers he looks over his shoulder to see if any one is watching. After the coast was clear he gives his fingers a little sniff. To his surprise, the scent of his ball sweat covered fingers reminds him of his mothers vagina. Good ole chuck runs to his room, runs his finger through his moist red tight and curly ball hair. After finger combing his nuts, he presses his palm to his mustache and jerks his meat. Jerk-Huffing!
by Tyler & Lou August 23, 2008
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