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A fan of Jerome Jarre.

Jerhomies are very happy people. They don't let anything ruin their mood. They decide how they want to fell that day when they wake up, and they make sure to stay in that mood all day. Jerhomies are weird too. They love making people happy by showing how crazy they can be. They love to make people smile. Jerhomies are one of the strongest fandoms. They have faced difficulties and managed to make everything better. They are strong people and it's because Jerome Jarre told us to be. We love life like crazy, we try to always be weird and out of the ordinary, and we are creative. We love Jerome very much and will always be by his side forever, through thick and thin.
Dude, what's a Jerhomie?

They are big fans of Jerome Jarre. He teaches them to love life like crazy.

He sounds awesome.
by JeromesJerhomie July 13, 2014
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