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A disease condition where the diseased keeps saying something but no one listens to what is being said. Jeremy was the first person to be diagnosed with this syndrome and hence the name Jeremy Syndrome.
Friend 1: Hey I watched this movie yesterday...

Friend 2: Shall we go to pizza hut?

Friend 1: it's about this cool dude who is a rockstar...

Friend 3: Yeah..let's go..

Friend 1: ..There's this gal in the movie who's really really hot..

Friend 2: Hey Jake how much have you got on you?

Friend 3: I can spare 100 bucks..

Friend 1: It has this really cool ending where the rockstar is actually not a rockstar and the girl is a boy. It's the best twist I've seen in a movie...

Friend 2: Hey Jeremy, how much can you spare?

Friend 1 (a.k.a Jeremy): It's a really cool movie, you guys should watch it...

Friend 2: What movie?

Friend 1: The movie I have been telling you about!

Friend 3: You were? Sorry I wasn't listening..

Friend 2: Me've got Jeremy Syndrome man...go see a how much can you spare?
by The Native February 24, 2009
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