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A word that means you are perfect. You like to drink and smoke, and nobody knows it. And will always try to bum a ciggarette from you. It also means that you have a lot of dogs, and gets pissed easily. This could also be another word for a stripper.
This girl Amy is so innocent.
-Whatever, she's such a jerah.

Hey can i have a cig?
-wow... what a jerah.
by Promise Robindoza September 23, 2009
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A girl who thinks she’s ugly but is very pretty. She likes a celebrity and fangirls over them a lot. She’s been wanting a boyfriend since she was always single. She regrets dating when she was young. She loves hugging and laughing with her friends. She’s a lovable girl. She also loves eating junk food. She has a huge sense of humor but she gets shy around parents and adults.
Omg Jerah is so pretty
Jerah: no I am not but thanks
by Maddie.The.Baddie. October 16, 2018
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