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A Filipino slang term for anyone hailing from the projects. Often stereotyped as the cooler, more laid back, and savagely street smart bunch. Almost parallel to being "hood" as Americans would say

Also the collective term for all slang terms coming from the projects.
The way you smooth talked that cop into letting us of the hook was so Jeproks!
by RolandoLoredo May 29, 2008
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Jeprok is about being cool, smart, and very laid back. Jeprok derives its definition from Jeproks or Jeprox, an urban slang term used in the 1970's. It was rock singer Mike Hanopol who introduce the word in the 1970's in one of his song and it goes like this:"Grow up wild, grow up wild, Jeproks."

Its etymology may have been the combination of the local vehicle "Jeep" and the musical genre "Rock". Jeep-rock is not a famous word but Philippine jeepneys are known to follow the career of local rock singers and turn on their radio speakers very laud to attract young passengers to ride.
You rock, bro, you must know that you're so Jeprok!
by AA-1 June 17, 2010
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