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A sandwich of extreme honourability, sold only at Bambi.

Many many years ago there worked, opposite Bambi, a woman going by the name of Jenny Anderson. Every day at lunch time Jenny would cross the road, go to Bambi and order a customised toasted sandwich containing scrambled egg, ham, gherkin, tomato, bacon and a specific sauce.

This went on for many moons until other clients caught on and began buying the same sandwich, requesting a "Jenny Anderson Sandwich" at the counter.

The Greek owners soon caught onto this and added the sandwich to the menu as a Jenny Anderson.

It is best enjoyed late on a friday night and it excels in soaking up excess alcohol.
"Phew I'm hungry, Why don't we go and get some Jenny Anderson's?"

"Great idea, Reub, lets go!"

"Lets take my car, here, you can drive."
by Charles Glass August 04, 2009
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