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Myspace "fame". A girl who thinks that she is as famous as Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Aniston. She wears far to much makeup, and doesn't wash her hair for 4 days so it will stick straight up. She says she is an individualist, but taking your style and your personality from other people doesn't make you an individual.
She also claims to be a model, but having done modeling for no one, being 5'7" and weighing 125 lbs, this is nowhere near model like material. Her photos are also photo shopped beyond recognition. Her skin is red and blemished under the caked on makeup.
Jennifer Voss, or JVoss, or even her real name Jennifer Tomasi, is so coincided that she doesn't realize that the people that she calls "friends" make fun of her. This is because they know the real her, and not just her myspace persona.
"Did you see Jennifer Voss put on her makeup?"
"Yeah, it was like she was frosting a cake."
by Taylor Snow December 08, 2008
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