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Usually Jenneils are known for their unbelievable sexiness and chill personalities. Jenneil's are the girls that everyone wants to kick back with or make a baby with due to their pure sexual magnetism.
When I finally have kids I want to have a Jenneil be my baby momma.
by dude1992 June 30, 2011
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Jenneil is a chill and game addict most of the time and is the most sexy of them all. Jenneil is always smiling at funny jokes or something stupid that no one would laugh at or laugh at a crushes joke. They also or very smart and know most things more than others, Sometimes Jenneil is suffering from something that they are self conscious about or just plain sad about someone or something.

Jenneil's tend to be self conscious about their bodies and they don't think they are pretty enough to to find somebody but some tend to not need anyone in their life. Jenneil's always attracts a lot of people but Jenneil tends to not be close with them and decides if they should be friends. Under jenneil's smile and personality like before is self conscious and tends to be confident in front of others and usually are mean but inside they are sweet and caring and is only acting like that because of something at home or just like that usually from a childhood experience.

Jenneil are always wanted by many people and have a sexy mentality and or physical feature or body.
Wow she is so smart she could help me on a test

I think I like jenneil she could have my kids

Jenneil is a great friend I'd like her to be friends with me forever
by Le Queen of Jinxed June 12, 2018
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