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Jennalee is a sweet, loveing, kind, great at art, really poplur. If you ever meet a Jennalee keep her for ever and dont let her go or you will never become a friend with her ever again. P.s every one will get jolues if you are her friend.
KeepJennalee in your heart
by slimequeen4567 February 20, 2019
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Jennalee is one of the nicest and kindest girl you can know. She’s really goofy and fun to hangout with, when she finds a good and honest boyfriend she can hold him down.
Did you see what jennalee just did she had me DIEING.
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by jjtrs2 January 08, 2019
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A Jennalee is an very annoying women, she likes to get on people’s nerves and is the proper definition of ADHD.
Ex. DAMN jennalee is one annoying boiotch
by Haillllno13 May 14, 2018
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