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A person who is a self-proclaimed fan of the Jenny/Niki pairing from Showtime's series The L Word that features central character Jennifer Schecter hooking up with a 21-year-old ditzy bimbo of an actress named Niki Stevens who behaves as though she's 10. The Jenkis are the people who coined the term Shencest as a response to the people who wished to have Jenny and her long-time friend Shane McCutcheon become a couple, saying that the two are like sisters. The Jenkiphile term was created in response - because if the Shenny are into incest, the Jenkis are into pedophilia, considering Niki's diminished mental capacity and extreme emotional immaturity.

Jen(ny) + (Ni)ki + (pedo)phile = Jenkiphile.

Typically, fans of this pairing are shallow, ignorant teenagers who are only into the relationship because Niki is aesthetically attractive and because she and Jenny are supposedly cute together.
Ugh, those Jenkiphiles are at it again. When will they ever give up and realize that Jenny's not in love with Niki anymore? GIVE IT UP ALREADY!
by Lilpinkchainsaw September 13, 2008
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