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A language of sayings derived from english and chinese, with sayings you have ever heard before. Created in South Western Ontario, by Big Ern, the Jenkinese epidemic is spreading like a bad weed in a sod field.
Famous Jenkinese sayings:

Fix that Oprah.
You god damn half epileptic retard.
Now we're talkin' Chinese!
Walk and talk.
You fuckin half-baked retard.
You cock-suckin little fucker, I'll fix you.
See that fuckin kawasaki? Ill fix that mother fucker.
If you two little fuckers don't stop arguing, theres going to be another fuckin Jenkins trial.

Jenkinese words:
Tuckamuck (pronounced tuck-a-muck)
SammyIamie (Sammy-i-am-ee)
Greeneggsandhamie (Green-eggs-and-ham-ie)
by ernJR April 07, 2009
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