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The act of staying up every night during the summer past 4:30 a.m and wakes up about the same time in the p.m. You eventually get sick of doing so, but since everyone stays up so late it's practically impossible to go back to bed on time. May involve friends staying over or just being forever alone. Usual activities include cleaning just because, downloading random apps for entertainment, laughing at everything said, or just sheer boredom taking over.
Bro, I've been jengiin' so much that I can never go back to bed at a decent time, and I haven't been able to make plans because, well, I haven't been to sleep.

A whole family that I made plans with was supposed to meet up with me at the mall, but my jengiin' took over and nothing happened.

The last time I looked at the clock, it said 4:34, the next thing I know, it was 5:56. Jengiin' SUCKS.
by BelieberBabyy July 29, 2011
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