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A prank call at very late hour where you yell "Jenga Bitch!" and hang up. The Jenga Bitch was first commited at 4:23am on 3/07/09
Call your sober and sleeping friend who will assume something is wrong or you are having an emergency to be calling at this hour so they answer with a serious tone. This is when you drunkenly yell "JENGA BITCH!" and hang up causing complete confusion on the part of the answering party. If the victim was partying instead of sleeping, then I guess you just found a fellow drunk-buddy to slur sweet nothings back and forth with on the phone. The Jenga Bitch will definitly catch on and be reciprocated and soon you and your friends will be Jenga Bitching each other like old Jenga Bitch pros!....Jenga Bitch!
by JohhnyDonRon April 26, 2010
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