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She's a PIMP! She pulls all the boys.. she has big titties and a big ass. Girls getting jealous when she talking to there boy coz girls know Jeneya is turning there boy on.. She's the biggest crackup
Dayumm that must be a Jeneya
by ChunkyCheeks101 November 10, 2014
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Sheโ€™s a hoe! Even though she has a big ass.. sheโ€™s short on the tiddies! Girls donโ€™t normally get jealous of her because even though she has ASS she doesnโ€™t keep up with her hygiene
Person 1: what the fuck is that smell??
Person 2: it must be that girl, she looks like a jeneya!!
by Cheesedonar July 09, 2018
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