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A woman who you can either lust, or love. She is easy to lust. All men, and even most women, can't help but turn their heads as she passes by... If you lust her the sound of her voice will stun you, the sight of her beauty will blind you, the taste of her lips will poison you, her fragrant scent will send you into a coma, and the warmth of her touch will cripple you... for she can magnetize all 5 senses.

She is not an easy woman to love, but if you are one of the lucky few to love her, then life becomes much more than the 5 senses. She will strip you of any armor that you may have, leaving you feeling vulnerable and unsure... until the sound of her voice awakens you, until the sight of her beauty opens your eyes, until the taste of her lips heals you, until her fragrant scent gives you a high, and until the warmth of her touch gives you life... only then do you feel the sixth sense of Love. She becomes your armor, she becomes your life. She will re-define everything you thought the meaning of the word Love is to you. She is very beautiful to behold
That Jenaveve is a beautiful sight to behold.
by Airforceonebaby January 14, 2017
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