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a lovely gorgeous sexy guy who has a vibrant personality and just know how to make you laugh. the most amazing guy you know right down to his cute laugh. he awesome, funny, fun to hang out with, always up for a great time, optimistic and great taste in music, art and sitcoms. he loves to joke around, is light hearted and is easily trusted because he cares for people. even if you have difficulty trusting people, Jehoshua is the one person who you would place all your trust in. he is someone who is always there for you so you must always be there for him to. he'll listen and understand you. oh and my does he have a super sexy body, just watching him walk is enough to make you faint.
girl 1: did you just see that sexy boi walk by?
girl 2: *awkward silence*
girl 1: hello... earth to Jacq.... hey what happened?

girl 2 lay fainted on the floor. passed out due to Jehoshua's sexy walk!
by 2gthrpray July 01, 2010
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