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No one's eyebrow game is as good as his. He is usually believed to be an asshole until you get to know him more. He always has the best jokes to share and is definitely the person to go to when you are feeling down. He will always be there for you whenever you need it. He can be tough when he wants to - and can be sweet when he needs to be. At times he will become overwhelmed with his emotions and it will hurt to see him in sorrow. He carries such an incredible personality - such as his heart of gold and his everlasting love for the people he cares about.Jefrey can never fail to make you smile! He is one of the few people you can truly be yourself around. You can joke around about anything with him. Although he does not realize it sometimes, he is one of best people one could ever meet. No one could ever replace a great friend like him.
"Jefrey is such a good friend"
by ursxggyd June 01, 2018
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The random weird white dude that showed everyone dank memes
Holy shit its that boiiiii. Jefrey o shit whattt up
by Snick€rs February 09, 2017
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