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Jeeree is a small unknown religion. It is when the word jeeree can be used when something miraculous happens, or, sometimes like 'god', it can be used in vain You're so jeeree! (good OR in vain); Oh my jeeree!! (In vain)

Jeeree can also be used in the sentence: 'JEEREE GET DOWN!'. This sentence can be used in a number of contexts and situations. For example: "Jeeree get down! Need a poo!" (used to fill time, and also in annoyance), "JEEREE GET DOWN!" (can be used happily if something jeereeful (glorious) happens! or, is used in anger, sadness, frustration, sorrow, confusion, or quite often in Surprise or alert.

Jeeree is also associated with other words from the 'jeeree' religion. these words are:
Jeereemoo (where word 'jeeree' is extracted from. Hungarian polanese for Knees.)
Meeree (extracted from 'Meereeka' which is hungarian polanese for rice)
Seeree, Feeree, Peeree ... etc.... (same last five letters , replaced first letter.)

Jeeree is my world!
by Meerosookayafa Neereephee September 10, 2011
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