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Jeepsus is the man who is sent by God in a Jeep to help anyone who is in need of help or guidance through the mountains. He usually sports a thick beard and a tastfully yet modest modified Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that can get through anything or tow you out.

For example: when one is traversing terrain deep in the mountains in a jeep and they haven't seen a soul all day until the reach the top of a mountain, where a large puddle/pond of unknown depth stands in his/her way. Jeepsus arrives out of nowhere driving a perfectly modified Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and drives through the huge puddle no problem indicating that traveling through is possible even in your jeep. After you follow he then offers to make sure your jeep is functioning properly.

#2 You were stupid and got stuck in some mud by yourself deep in the wilderness.. Jeepsus arrives and winches you out.

Jeepsus has a dense beard, and the fly(zipper) on his jeans is made of cast iron and welded together to keep his genitalia from involuntarily busting out of his pants. Nobody fucks with the Jeepsus.
Dude, what are we gonna do? We have to get back to civilization, I can't miss my brothers graduation! I can't believe we got stuck out here.... wait who is that driving on (and through) water?? Oh Jeepsus has come to save us!
by abashubu jack May 29, 2010
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