Adjective. Jeed Up (or G'd Up) comes from the reference to G.I. Joe. To say someone is jeed up would mean that they are loaded up with a bunch of gear, such as G.I. Joe. The gear would be for example, guns, flashlights, handcuffs, mace, tazer, etc.
Look at him, comin' in here all Jeed Up, he must think he's cool or somethin'.
by Gary & Samaria July 21, 2004
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The original term was used to describe brand new clothes that one would spend a lot of money or "G's" (thousands of dollars) in order to purchase the outfit that one was wearing...
I think a Dr. Dre song has a rapper off of Chronic: 2001 saying this, and it goes, "Jeed up (or G'd up) from the feet up in my G'd up apparel."
by WhitestMike September 13, 2009
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