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A game created by Lucas Arts in 2003. This game continuates Jedi Outcast but in this one you are a newb Jedi apprentice who either goes good or evil. Although some levels are a bitch and some are fun as hell. It is a Quake 3 engined game which is sexy. In the game you face all sorts of challenges as well as choices such as lightsaber, weapons, and darkside/lightside powers. Your Kyle Katarns apprentice whom has another apprentice named Rosh Penin who is the worst Star Wars character whom is next to Jar-Jar. When you get to the end of the game you can kill Rosh or not. (I prefer to kill the little fucker for the sake of being me) Then you go to Korribann to fight Tavion from JKO whom is trying to ressurect Marka Ragnos. Basicly thats it now. On to Multiplayer... there is much choice between FFA or TFFA or my favorite: RPG. Oh yes readers, RPG. RPG that makes it fun for us all I say, you basicly have no First through 27th U.S. Constitutional Amendment Rights. It is basicly controlled by Europeans who envy America and insult it for supplying it with billions of American tax payers money. Back to RPG. You have to work your way up from the bottom and if you miss a rule servers such as Zone will ban you for 2 days or more. Best way to avoid this head on Fuck-You-Sideways condition is that you never play a Jedi Academy RPG game. Do something contructive like play Call of Duty.
Kid:Hey wanna play Jedi Academy bro?

Dude: Uhh... I'd rather play WoW.
by Dean Winchester May 25, 2007
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