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Often referred to as Jebro Christ, is a worker of many miracles. Cousin of Jesus Christ.
Often heard saying "the revolution is commin' and How boutcha' Many of his followers are awaiting "the" miracle which is the absolute extermination of all races who are not white. Also can be heard using "whoa" as a common greeting. Hypersensitive to sugar, possibly his only weakness next to whitnessing inter-racial sexual acts.
"hey Jebro how are ya?" "Whoa!"
Person: Whats up Jebro? Jebro Christ: Howboutcha
Person: fuck this place Jebro: Dont worry the Revolution is a commin
by jebro March 10, 2009
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The correct spelling of the afformentioned "Jeebro". It has the same definition as "Jeebro" it is simply the correct spelling. The word Jebro originated on the front of Bozno's binder when a certain Chris Lampman dictated the word "Jerk" which's letters were reformed to spell the word Jebro.
James Forsythe is such a Jebro.
Aha James, you Jebro
by Silky Johnston and Dr. Evil March 08, 2005
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