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Derived from Denisse meaning:

1. The most gorgeous person in the entire world. No man is good enough to have her. and eternally lucky is the one who obtains her. She was put on this earth to be worshiped, loved and adored, and nobody could ever adore her more then santos. She is a goddess on earth, the next world wonder. Denisse can never be matched, nor replaced, for she is just so perfect, that no other girl could possibly surpass her. she is everything a guy could ever ask for, and so much more. <3

And derived from Jeannette too:

2. usually means the child of God... but when applied to women means very sexual, beautiful, and seductive
1. That girl is so out of your league... is she a Denisse?

2. Jeannette is beautiful!

3. Beauty's definition is Jeanisse!
by Gabrielle125 April 11, 2009
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