A boy popular on youtube. Makes the best videos. All the ladies are dropping their panties for him. Gettin' more popular than Justin Bieber. If you come across one of his videos brace yourself because your heart will start beating a mile a minuet. Jc Caylen is pretty much the deffinition of swag. Swag is so last year, so just use Jc Caylen for now on.
Lisa: "Damn that boy is hott"
Marie: "Yeah, looking him doing the dougie over there"
Lisa: "Swag!"
Marie: "You mean, Jc Caylen!"
by CaylenGirl December 09, 2011
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Jc Caylen is a YouTuber with thousands of girls falling for him every minute. He's got that chill vibe and is willing to do anything. Once you see his shaggy hair and beautiful arms, you're stuck. You'll see a little dog creeping around in his videos, that's Wishbone. Jc's usually seen with a penny board. Even if you're not a Jc girl, you're a Jc girl.
"Who's the hot kid with the camera over there?"
"Oh, him? That's Jc Caylen."
by thekoalamaster February 12, 2014
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