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Jazzcockler (noun) Jazzcockle (verb) Jazzcockly (adj) #Jazzcockling #Jazzcockler #Jazzcockle

To Jazzcockle, is to add eccentricity and sass for the added enjoyment, entertainment or pleasure of yourself and others, can included being extra or over the top in humorous and boundary pushing ways, never to be offensive or negative, only to increase the joy, may include untruths that are clearly untrue. #Ididitforthejazzcockle
I was totally jazzcockling when I said I was going to do β€˜that’.... I might do it anyway just for the jazzcockle.

You are a massive jazzcockler, it’s so much fun.

The opposite of twatwaffle.
by FloBNoFiDDy March 07, 2018
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