Old school slang for a hip person into swinging jazz music. Many jazzcats dress well as a sense of pride, drink alcohol and/or smoke jazz cigarettes, and generally are relaxed. Jazzcats typically don't like daylight and party hard but mellow.
Man, that jazzcat is far out! He knows the best clubs with the best bartenders and the best music.
by kitsuneae July 16, 2018
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What a cat becomes when you turn on the jazz station for its enjoyment every time you leave the house. Most likely to show up in the house of a single male who enjoys wearing ascots.
Yeah every time Kyle leaves the house he puts the jazz station on for his cat. I guess you could say he's developing a real jazzcat.
by AFGNCAAP March 4, 2014
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The roots of this designation begin as a post modern late 20tens movement in an area known as the French Quarter. Its quite simply refers to a congregation of middle aged alleycats turned on to the life and culture of jazz.
Another set of jazzcats are spotted leaving the local pawnshop with brass and hats a plenty.
by Eggrollthings May 21, 2019
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