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A Jazz Musician who still lives in the Bebop era. Learned about Jazz history and how to play it at a University. Talks like a 1950s black person despite being a 2010s suburban white person, using words like "killin" and calling people "cats". Encyclopedic knowledge of jazz standards, and nothing else. Objects to guitarists using vibrato because its not "stylistically accurate". Adamant about "preserving" Jazz in its 1950s incarnation.
"Yeah, I remember back in the day, that cat could swing" - Jazz Fag
by Grimm331414 July 06, 2011
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noun. meaning a spliff or joint of a widely used herb known as cannabis.
Homie 1: Yo man wot u sayin
Homie 2: I'm saying lets bun a jazz fag init
Homie 3: Seen
by MC Nakes October 12, 2007
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It's a fag with a bit of a difference. Just another word for joint but not used nearly as frequently, unfortunately.
"Let's go smoke a jazz fag."
"Hunky whitied the another night cos he smoked too many jazz fags."
by jenm December 04, 2004
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