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Jazmin (Jazz): A Natural-Born Badass.

Jazmin is the type of person who will always stay by your side, make you laugh when your sad, and through you a wild card every once in a while. Jazmin is a girl who is very like-able, but is easy to be jealous over. She makes friends with ease, and can make anything into a joke. Jazmin is very intelligent and an amazing bestfriend. Jazz will do anything for those she cares about, and won't take crap from anyone. She is very forgiving, independent, a lot a bit crazy, trusting, speaks the truth/her mind, and is someone to lean on, if need be. Jazmin is a rare type of person, so if you find one make sure you treat them right and never let them go.
She's a total Jazmin (Jazz).
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by IDK, But You Already Know December 22, 2017
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